Creative Philosophy

Creativity is the backbone to the Melville brand.

Nathalie Melville is fiercely protective of the brand’s reputation to produce unique designs, with her creative process being key to every piece created.

When working with private clients Nathalie spends upwards of three months on the process – starting with a blank sheet of paper, working through mood boards, designs, design alterations and, ultimately creating the piece.

Nathalie’s understanding of the brand’s client requirements – even when they themselves are unclear of what they want – allows her in-depth process to create uniquely personal pieces. The process is charted in a keepsake, hardback book that allows the journey itself to be documented and kept for generations to come.

When creating the collections, the same care and attention to every detail of the creative process is adhered to. From concept to creation, the careful editing of the collection development allows for the brand’s signature carved detailing to be showcased in an elegantly curated body of work.