Melville Fine Jewellery takes great pride in working with sustainable, ethically sourced and traceable materials.

Each Melville piece, whether it be gold or platinum, is hallmarked in London’s Goldsmith’s Hall and carries the Fairtrade logo.

This is our guarantee to our clients that we, not only know the source of our metals, but that they have been mined with the highest standard of safety in place, the miners have been paid a fair price for their work and, where possible, the materials have been mined without chemicals.

This pioneering step within the industry has provided a lifeline for thousands of impoverished miners who find themselves at the mercy of unfair markets. Many face exploitation from middleman who pay below market prices and cheat them on weights and purity of gold content. Fairtrade gold and platinum benefits the miners, their families and their wider communities.


We also work tirelessly to ensure that all of Melville Fine Jewellery’s gems are conflict-free.

Our gems come from all over the world, and we work with a global network of highly respected dealers – and often the mines directly – all of whom we have established and trusted relationships with. This ensures we can access gemstones from the best, in every sense of the word, sources.