Meet the team


A graduate of the prestigious Central St Martins Nathalie is a highly experienced jewellery designer and goldsmith, sustainability expert and creative education specialist..

The founder and creative director of both Melville Fine Jewellery and Hatton Studios – Hong Kong’s foremost professional jewellery co-working space and training facility – Nathalie is sought after for the combination of her contemporary aesthetic with her traditional skills.

She works with private clients all over the world, creates Hong Kong-based training programmes for some of the most renowned fine jewellery houses and has been selected from thousands as a finalist in the 2017 Xifu international jewellery design competition.

A strong believer in ethical jewellery making practices, Nathalie is one of the leading authorities in Asia on sourcing precious materials (metals and gems) through ethical, environmentally friendly, safely produced and fairtrade supply chains.


Agnes Shum is a graduate of the University of Hull and specialist in marketing and business strategy.

She has worked alongside Nathalie since 2013 – originally in an administrative role before quickly rising the ranks and becoming a partner in 2015.

She is also managing director of Hatton Studios, Hong Kong’s foremost jewellery training facility and co-working space – where Melville is housed.